December 2007

Holiday Cheer!

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Holiday Cheer

As we get older, each and every year, it seems that we get more and more complacent about the holidays! It seems that holiday season becomes more of a chore then the joy it is meant to be. As I contemplate the past, I'm reminded of the times I spent with my family growing up, baking cookies, Christmas Caroling, preparing for the holiday program at Church, the gift exchanges, and all the holiday dinners. In the past, we have worked hard at maintaining that same level of festivities, though it seems to be harder and harder each year. I think as time wears on, I forget what the roots of the holiday is all about. I've let the commercialism and pressure of others take over and lose focus.

This year, with running the business and the holiday rush, I've worked really hard to find that balance between work, holiday festivities and family! I finally decided I can't do it all. I decided that time with the family is more important, and that we needed to get back to the focus of the holiday! So I picked up the Advent Calendar, and every night we light our candle, read our devotions and open up another part of the true Christmas story. So we didn't attend all the holiday parties, but we did spend the time together as a family, reminding ourselves of the importance of Christ's coming. It's not been as hectic, but it has been an uplifting time to spend with our family!

Blessings to All,

Michelle Hessler,Paperthreads


Holiday Cheer

Forum Member of the Month

Inkscape Tutorial: Monogram Christmas Ornaments

21 Holiday Decor and Gifts to Cut

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Clear Stamp Sheets

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VersaMark Watermark Ink

Great Freebies!

Applying a Snow Effect

Forum Member of Month

by Jan Bryson, Sam & Hailey Designs

I’m so excited to be able to choose the Forum Member of the Month!  It was really hard to pick just one person, but I decided to choose someone who’s relatively new to the Paperthreads forum, but has shown how quickly you can become a cutter addict like the rest of us!  I’ve chosen forum member altastampsalot to celebrate this month!

Already an accomplished cardmaker and scrapbooker, altastampsalot joined our Paperthreads family in September of this year and quickly learned the challenges and rewards of digital die-cutting.   After only two months of membership, she’s already earned the Cutter Fanatic title thanks to her many posts as she sought to learn each and every feature of her Pink Wishblade, and I mean each and every feature!  

Through her questions, trials and errors, and finally – success –  altastampsalot has learned not only for herself, but by her example, taught many other people – even though it might be challenging at first, with a little perseverance, anyone can become a pro in no time at all and have a lot of fun along the way, too!  If you take a look at some of her works posted in the Paperthreads Gallery you’ll see what I mean! 

I chose altastampsalot because she inspires all of our newest forum members to keep on cutting!

For being chosen as the Paperthreads Forum Member of the Month, altastampsalot will be receiving the Snowflake Ornament Bonus Kit designed by Sam & Hailey Designs, only available at Paperthreads!

Inkscape Tutorial: Creating a Monogram

by Jennifer Adkins, Jen Adkins Designs

Monograms are hot right now and you don’t need fancy software to make one. They’re great for heritage albums, cards, or even custom Christmas ornaments!

In this tutorial, Jen takes you step by step through the process of creating your own monogram in a frame in the Inkscape software. Learn how to make a frame, weld, and add space for a hanger so you can make a unique ornament for your own tree!

Don’t be afraid of Inkscape! Download this tutorial today. CLICK HERE

Monogram Frame

21 Ideas for Holiday Decor and Gifts to Cut

by Jan Bryson, Sam & Hailey Designs

Stained Glass

Every time you flip through a magazine do you find yourself thinking, I could make that on my cutter?  When you go to friend’s houses, do you look critically at their holiday decorations, wondering how much they paid for things they could have made themselves?  Do you constantly tell people, “I could have made that for you on my cutter in a tenth of the time it took you to cut those out by hand!” 

You might be a cutterphile – someone with an out-of-control addiction to digital die-cutting machines! And you are not alone!  Don’t be fooled by the non-cutting masses who think our addiction is a problem… it’s a blessing!  Think of all the things you never knew you could make before you owned a Wishblade, a CraftRobo, a Silhouette, or a Klick-N-Kut machine!  You would have paid money for those things, wouldn’t you?

In effort to satisfy our needs for more uses for our digital die-cutting machines, I’ve compiled a list of ideas to use your cutter to make fun and easy holiday decorations, perfect for adorning your home or office, and perfect for gift-giving, too!  I’ll bet that you’ve thought of even more ideas and we’d love to hear about them in the forum! CLICK here for the list of ideas!



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