November 2008

Preserving Our Heritage

Volume #12


Gallery Pick

by Jen Adkins, Jen Adkins Designs

You may not know the forum member responsible for my Gallery Pick of the Month for November, but you should see her work! love4kids99 (AKA Jessica in Kansas) was busy in October sharing pics of her Halloween pages, All Girl layout, Color my World, and her rockin' cards.

My favorite is her "Birthday Girl" page! I'm always looking for ways to use lots of great photos in one layout, and she's got 5 pics in this one. Plus they're all square photos. They're so much easier to trim and crop. I love the bright and cheery colors on the pages and the creative use of machine-cut files to add some extra oomph!

I hope you take the time to look through her gallery! I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did. For being chosen as Gallery Pick of the Month, love4kids99 will receive one of my files, Shoes! Tangle Collection (Borders and Mats).

Designer Spotlight: Eddita Cain of Accents by Eddita

by Ileana Russell, I Scrap Designs

Ever wanted to know what it takes to be a Paperthreads Designer? Now's your chance! In our latest in a series of designer interviews, Ileana Russell takes you on a fascinating journey with one of our newest designers, Eddita Cain of Accents by Eddita. Find out what brought her here to share her talents with the Paperthreads family!

Want to know more about Eddita? Just CLICK HERE!

Link It Up!

Each month we will try to spotlight a favorite link in the crafting world that one or more of our designers love visiting!

This is a special "As Seen on the Paperthreads Forum" Edition of Link It Up! Did you know that there is a great place on the forum to find information about fonts? It's called... the "Font Links" section, of course! Looking for a specific font and can't seem to find it? Come here and ask for help. You'll be sure to get several responses before the day is through! While you are there, be sure to browse through the many font links that have been posted by forum members just like yourself! Here are some of our favorite links that have been shared on the forum:

http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/09/05/25-font-management-tools-reviewed/ - A Great Review of 25 Free Font Management tools. Thanks to LuschMommy for sharing the link!

http://www.dingbats-uk.org.uk/mvdl/dinglinks1.html - One of the most comprehensive guides to dingbat fonts we've ever seen! Categorized by name and by theme. Thanks to Paperthreads Designer Dora Law AKA Adorable96 for submitting this link!

http://www.abstractfonts.com/ - An amazing collection of free fonts! Thanks to Michelle AKA Paperthreads for sharing this link!

http://famousfonts.smackbomb.com/ - A super fun collection of famous typefaces! Another great link shared by Dora Law!

http://www.dafont.com/ - One of our favorites! You can easily search by name or category.  Type in a sample of your text and see it in each font!  Thanks to Bkee13 for sharing the link!

Do you have a favorite font site you think we've missed? Be sure to head on over to the Font Links section and tell us all about it!

Swaps: How to Get over Your Fears and Join in the Fun!

by Eddita Cain, Accents by Eddita

As many of you have come to learn, the wonderful thing about the Paperthreads Forum is that we are all here to support one another and feed our cutting addiction. It doesn't matter which machine you own, if you are a newbie just starting out or a seasoned pro, you will always find something new and fun to see and do on the Paperthreads Forum.

We have the Tutorial Sections (which have great information), the Gallery (where we can share our latest and greatest creations), and the Free Files (created by members to share with others in the various formats). If you look at the bottom of the main forum page, you will find another great section labeled, "For Sale, Swaps, More." Click on the link that says "Wanna Swap?" and you are on your way!


by love4kids99 (Jessica) for the KNK Swap

by CPC (Amy) for the KNK Swap

For those of you who have never ventured into this area and don't know what a swap is, it is exactly what the name implies, a swap, a trade, an exchange.

Now, if you have never been involved in a swap, let me tell you, it is a great way to push yourself to be creative and get inspired (and receive some really great stuff to boot!)

Sometimes a swap has a specific theme, like Graduation or Patriotic. If the swap is for a specific format, you will see that in the name (.i.e. .GSD format). Not all swaps are file related. I personally have benefited from joining in on a Ribbon Swap that was held a couple of months ago. I continue to use those ribbons to accent my cards and layouts (it was a lot of ribbon!).

A swap will normally start around the beginning of a given month and have specific guidelines and deadlines. It is strongly recommended that if you are thinking about signing up for one that you please make sure you read what is involved to make sure you will be able to commit. Of course, we all know life can be messy and things happen.  Should something prohibit you from following through on the swap, sending a message to the hostess would be much appreciated.

by Sandra from NC for the ATC Swap

by Games (Ginger) for the KNK Swap

The other neat thing is that anyone can host or join a swap and are encouraged to do so! If you are hosting, be detailed about what you want, and include instructions, deadlines, etc. There is a thread in the forum which specifically addresses "How to Hostess a Swap" which will help you get started. If you ever have questions, just post and someone will be there to answer. Also, there is no limit to the number of swaps that can run concurrently, so if you see someone has posted one and you want to do one also, go ahead! If you list it they will sign up!

So in the end, swaps aren't really difficult to join. Once you join and finish one, you will find you are ready to do it all over again!

While I'm not sure what is planned for the upcoming months, remember to check the swap area out and join in the fun or host one of your own!


Freebies for You!

For a limited time, these files will be available for you to download and to use! Make sure you snag them right away! These files will only be available for a few days before they are removed from the newsletter and added to the store! All files offered here are term restricted, limited to use as detailed in each individual Terms of Use, which is included in each downloaded file. They are not free to be posted elsewhere, or shared in any manner other than that specified in the terms. If you are unsure of the terms of use, please see each Designer's BIO, where their terms of use are posted for you to preview!

SPECIAL THANKS to Ileana Russell (I Scrap Designs), Shelly Sweigart (Shelly's Art), Eddita Cain (Accents By Eddita), and Michelle Hessler (Paperthreads Designs) for offering these great files for a limited time! Please take a moment to visit their stores online!

Freebie Freebie
Freebie Freebie


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